Dave Goldberg: Pro-Feminist Role Model or Super Rich Regular Guy?


After Dave Goldberg’s tragic sudden death on a treadmill last week, numerous condolences and accolades poured in from around the world.  Many praised his leadership as CEO of SurveyMonkey.  Several lauded him as a technological visionary.  And of course, he was always listed as Sheryl Sandberg’s beloved husband. However, one surprise among all the tributes […]

On Second Thought, Interviewers Should Ask People about Feminism: A Response to Riley Holden


My friend and colleague, Riley Holden recently wrote an article for Feminist Fever about why interviewers should not ask female celebrities if they are feminists.  Riley, as usual, made a lot of excellent points.  Nevertheless, I still believe that interviewers should ask public figures about feminism – and do it intelligently.  As long as we […]

Seneca Falls 1848 – Never Let Anyone Forget


1848 was a year of revolution in the Western world. Numerous European countries revolted against royalism and class oppression. The Communist Manifesto was published. Irish immigration to America skyrocketed as The Potato Famine ravaged the beautiful island. And Thaddeus Stevens, the outspoken, uncompromising abolitionist, was elected to Congress. But nothing was a revolutionary as what […]